Interactive Designs:
  • Mock up ONE still image of EACH of your interactive designs displayed on an appropriate device. (A “hero shot.”)
    • Ideally, the base photo for this shot should be taken by you.
  • Prototype your interactive designs using your prototyping tool of choice.
Other Designs:
  • If you have not yet done so, mock up all your designs in context-specific photos. 
    • Ideally, the base photo for this shot should be taken by you.
  • Replace any dummy (Greek) text you have in your designs. 
  • Spellcheck your designs and have a friend proof them for you. 

present in class 15:

the project brief

  1. A new brand and set of brand guidelines for your restaurant.
    • Include brand guidelines, please.
  2. A set of mocked-up print collateral for the restaurant in question, based on your assessment of its needs. 
  3. A single advertisement, mocked up in both the print and online version.
  4. A mockup of your restaurant’s website featuring at least the following pages:
    • Home
    • About / Concept / Mission
    • Menu
    • Press
    • Events / FAQ
    • Reservations and Contact
  5. The restaurant’s menu. The menu for your restaurant will not be printed; it will be on a tablet, and it will be interactive.
  6. An in-restaurant screen (or projected) display
  7. Prototypes of your interactive pieces.


  • Save your design as a PDF — yourlastname_restofinal.pdf — and drop it off in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.
  • Prototypes may be dropped off as webloc files or Quicktime movies.