For Class 14:

Continue refining all required elements of your “Survival Kit” project.

Deliverables (a reminder):

  • Your brandmark and associated icon with branding guide (elements as discussed previously).
    Icon size: 
    iPhone Retina: 120px x 120px
    iPad Retine: 152px x 152px
  • Interactive interface, staged: all screens requisite to your user flows.
    • Working prototype of the ONE dominant interface above.
  • Website design, staged: all pages requisite to your user flows. Extra credit if the site is built out.
  • Branded suite of merchandise (the “physical kit”), staged.


  • Your completed advertising materials: 
    • multiple static ads designed to the specifications of the output you envision (magazine, web ad, billboard, broadcast, etc.)
    • any guerilla, viral or site-specific marketing (may overlap with the above)
    • motion promo may take the place of one or more of the above. See below.
  • A motion graphic (may overlap and/or replace either advertising or prototype requirements above).