1. Complete Your Typographic Timeline in prototype. No errors, please!
  2. Select a Bay Area Food Establishment (a restaurant, a food truck, a bar, any place that caters to food and drink lovers).
    The restaurant should meet the following criteria:

    • It should either be high-end (fine dining) or high-concept (catering to a select clientele of foodies or enthusiasts)
    • It may NOT be a chain restaurant or a fast-food franchise
    • It should be in need of a rebrand
    • It should present opportunities for interactive design (a way to enhance its clients’ experience through interactive design, as discussed in class).
  3. Go to the Food Establishment in question. Eat something.
    • Take notes on the food. Is it traditional? Experimental? Fusion? Is it regionally specific? Was it worth the price?
    • Take notes on your experience in terms of service and environment. What did you love? What did you not love?
    • Take notes on the concept of the establishment. What emotions does the experience evoke? Does it have rustic charm? Is it “white-tablecloth?” How did the entire experience make you FEEL?
    • Take photos of the environment (outside and in), of the menu, and of the dishes/presentation.


  1. Your final Timeline prototype as a video or webloc file.
  2. A beautiful proposal PDF containing your restaurant impressions and photos named yourlastname_resto0.pdf