Interactive Design:
  • Revise your interactive menu based on notes received in critique.
  • Design an environmental display.
    • The purpose can be to reiterate the menu (especially for counter establishments), to reinforce the ambience, or to educate the customer about the culture or cuisine of the establishment.
    • Size and proportion are up to you.
    • Medium should either be projection (any size) or a wall screen (appropriate to the size of the space).
    • Type style and size should reflect the size of the space. How far away will viewers be sitting? How subtle should it be in order not to disrupt the restaurant’s ambience?
    • Sketch an initial idea for the environmental display.
  • Revise your ads based on notes received in critique.
  • Based on critique of your sitemap, create wireframes for all the screens of your website—desktop version.
  • Based on those wireframes, mock up your website screens.
    • Remember that your designs should probably all share a common grid and set of type/type hierarchy.
    • The design should be consistent with but not a direct copy of your menu. Its function should be different. Think of the needs of someone seated in the restaurant versus someone who’s viewing the restaurant’s website at home. Your job is part advertising (get them to come) and part practical (let them reserve a table, order takeout, what have you).


  • Save your design as a PDF — yourlastname_resto5.pdf — and drop it off in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.