Identity Design: 
  • Finalize the logo decided upon in class. 
    • Create a branding guide for your logo based on the in-class discussion and notes.
  • Mock up the collateral you intend to have. Again, the list includes:
    • A business card or takeaway
    • Signage for outside the restaurant
    • Merchandise (be specific)
    • Anything else you think your logo should appear on.
Interactive Design:
  • You will create MOCKUP SCREENS for an interactive tablet menu for the restaurant, featuring the menu text you gathered in the last assignment.
    • Create to iPad specifications (For the iPad of your choice. Specs here.) It may be horizontal or vertical.
    • The menu should reflect the overall price point, look and feel you want for the restaurant. It may be skeuomorphic or flat, textural or clean. Your choice.
    • This menu can have as many screens as you require. Your menu may scroll, or it may proceed from screen to screen based on content (starters, entrees, dessert, wine list, etc.)
    • Interactivity should include at least basic navigation. It may optionally include a selection system that creates an order. It may also optionally include a billing system so that servers can present you with the iPad at the end of your meal instead of a printed tab.
  • Create assets (photographic or illustrative) for your ad. You do not yet need to mock it up.


  • Save your design as a PDF — yourlastname_resto3.pdf — and drop it off in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.