Identity Design: 
  • Revise/refine the logos decided upon in class. 
    • Bring them into Illustrator and create them using gridded geometry in BLACK ONLY.
    • Create 5 (five) variations on every logo chosen in class.
  • Make a “hit list” of PHYSICAL COLLATERAL you intend to design. THIS IS ONLY A LIST, NOT THE ACTUAL DESIGNS.
    It should include:

    • A business card
    • Signage for outside the restaurant
    • Any serveware or takeaway boxes/bags
    • Any clothing (for servers or for sale)
    • Merchandise (be specific)
    • Anything else you think your logo should appear on.
Gather Text:
  • Find your restaurant’s concept or mission statement and include it in your pdf.
  • Find menu text for all the meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert) that your restaurant serves and include it in your pdf.
  • Find wine/beer/cocktail lists for your restaurant and include them in your PDF.
    • If you can’t find any of the above, invent it or cobble it together from other restaurants’ menus and put it in your pdf.
    • Don’t worry if it’s a lot of text: part of your challenge will be making it work hierarchically and interactively.
  • Based on your market research, consider your restaurant’s clientele, and, based on that, where your restaurant should best be advertised. If it deviates from the periodical list in the brief (Session 7), make a case for it.
  • Sketch 3 (three) different ideas for an ad — they should be different in imagery and message, but they should match your proposed branding. Include these sketches in your pdf.


  • Save your design as a PDF — yourlastname_resto2.pdf — and drop it off in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.