Finalize Your Typographic Timeline based on the notes you took during critique and the typesetting rules and techniques covered in class. Your design solution should reflect the highest level of your design abilities.

The points covered in the last three typesetting lectures are expected to have been addressed in your final design, including proper use of punctuation, hierarchy, etc. There should be no distracting spelling, grammar, usage or syntax errors in your final piece. Please copyedit it (or have someone else copyedit it).

Prototype Your Timeline using the prototyping tool of your choice from the list below. You may hand this in as a motion graphic or as the URL of a working, clickable prototype.


  • Save your design as a PDF — yourlastname_timeline04.pdf — and drop it off in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.
  • Drop off your prototype as a webloc file or a quicktime movie in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.