Website Specifications

  • Your Typographic Timeline will be a website at least three screens long, (or that equivalent area) and may scroll either vertically (≥three screens stacked) or horizontally (≥3 screens placed end-to-end). Other structures are fine too. Speak to me about them.
  • You may consider one “screen” to be 1024×768px (or another standard desktop screen size of your choice).
  • You may use illustration and photography for texture and detail (including small, historical photographs for individual events), but the focus should be on your typography.


  • Consider the structure of your website based on your research of the period and topic you’d like to focus on.Will the site scroll horizontally? Vertically? Will there be pages? What structure suits the content best?
  • Create two different mood boards reflecting two different emotional directions you might take the site in using color, texture, and imagery.
  • Sketch wireframes for the overall structure of the website. Plan this as a large-scale design, not several smaller pages cobbled together.
  • Consider which elements might be interactive. Do they need additional designed elements like hidden content areas, functional modules (players, etc.), or dialog boxes?
  • Create two first-draft versions of the website, each reflecting a different moodboard.
Examples of the Final Version:


  • Save the above work as a PDF — yourlastname_timeline02.pdf — and drop it off in my dropbox at the beginning of the next module.