the starter

Find and bring in three examples of single-image, static designs (ads, posters) that demonstrate successful TYPE CHOICE and COMPOSITION. These should be designs that you love.

Find and bring in three example of single-image, static designs (ads, posters) that demonstrate terrible type choice and composition. These should be designs you hate.

Try to identify the typefaces used in those designs as best you can. Be prepared to talk about the names, designers, and period of the typefaces in question.


Choose six words that express complex emotion.

for example:

Compose six sentences that expound on those emotions.

for example:
“She rested her forehead longingly on the windowpane.”
“He tore into the room where the lovers lay, screaming for blood.”
“She’d never tasted champagne before; tonight, she drank a bottle.”

Choose six typefaces that represent those emotions.

The typefaces should be either serif or sans serif; they should not be “decorative.” Find the name of the person who designed each typeface, and when it was designed.

Set each sentence in its appropriate typeface on its own blank artboard in illustrator. Use the composition of the page to further enhance the emotion. You may take the design as far as you like in terms of conveying the emotion you chose, with the following restrictions:

Your designs must be in black and white.

You may not use any graphic or imagistic elements except for type.


Create ONE PDF of your compositions and your love/hate type choices and have it ready to hand in and discuss Week 2. Name it yourlastname_start01.pdf and drop it off at the beginning of the next module.