your final deliverables, week 15:

  • Your Presentation! Five minutes please. Practice. Watch other presentations and figure out what you like and what you don’t!
  • Your Process document, in PDF or website form (Webloc file). All your research, UX, etc.

  • The documents above should contain:
    • Your Branding Guide. As a separate PDF, or part of your Process Journal.
    • Your interactive interface design—all the screens required in the flows you’ve delineated, shown in prototype or motion.
    • Prototype of your interface
    • Your website design—At the least, this should be a promotional site that pushes users to download.
    • A branded suite of merchandise (the Physical Kit).
    • Your advertising/promotional scheme, shown in staged stills or motion.

  • At least one motion graphic:
    • Standalone logo bumper
    • Promotional or Concept video (replaces still ads)
    • Walkthrough video (replaces prototype)

For size/format specs of the videos specified above, see documentation by the intended host. For example, Vine video specs are here. FB video ad specs are listed here. SFGate web ad specs are here. Condé Nast online ad specs are listed by title here.