You will create a full typeface of 26 minuscule and 26 majuscule letters, 10 numerals, punctuation (as specified in your notes) and a full set of extended diacritical characters. These will be turned into a functional font file with OpenType features (as specified in your notes).

You will deliver:

  • Your Glyphs file (complete)
  • Your OTF font file

You will use this font to create the following:

  • Type Specimen/Concept Video

At least 30 seconds at 1920×1080 (minimum).
Should contain the Typeface Name, Your Name, A Short Descriptive Passage, and a Full Glyph Specimen.

    • Ploppy
    • A Ploptastic new Humanist Typeface that combines classical proportions with Ploppiness.
    • Designed by Ploppy McPlopperson
    • ABCD…

Your video should show off features of the typeface and explain its structural basis and reason for being.

Video Examples:

FF Bauer Grotesk
Greta Sans
Greta Symbol

  • A Type Specimen Website, with the following distinct, required sections:
    • Header/hero image/”cover” (this should probably contain your concept video)
    • Navigation suitable to your content
    • Textual Type Description: Survey typeface descriptions at established type foundries for examples.
    • Architecture: Show me defining forms within your letter shapes. Show me proportions, vectors, control handles. Include screenshots from your process in Fontlab.
    • “Flat” Typesetting specimens (see examples at bottom): Show me words, terms and phrases that “should” be set in your typeface. Show me as many as you can, in as many palettes/moods as you can create.
    • Staged, “Real World” Typesetting Specimens (see examples at bottom): Show me your typeface doing what you think it should be doing in real-world applications—print, signage, branding, etc.
    • Call out special/alternate characters/Ligatures.
    • A Full Glyph Specimen.
    • Elements from your mood board and other influences/research
    • Original Glyph sketches
    • A Colophon/Footer

You may change the order of sections if you so desire.

Since many of you are creating decorative typefaces, you may use a complementary typeface to make text sections more legible.

You may deviate from this prescribed format, but only after consulting with me beforehand and giving me a concrete plan for your deviation.