DC Scarpelli | Type Design
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All my type designs are works-in-progress. None of them have been published, because I can’t call them finished. Someday, perhaps, they’ll make their way to market. Until then, they’ll remain in my thrall…

Mrs Keppel

Inspired by Stephenson Blake’s 1884 typeface Windsor Light Condensed (made famous by Woody Allen’s title sequences), Mrs Keppel finally appends an italic to this iconic face. Gentle in its design but firmly anchored in the fin-de-siècle, Mrs Keppel moves us forward to the 1910s, redolent of Ragtime and spiked tea. Named for the mistress of King Edward VII, who was likewise illegitimately linked to a Windsor.


Disquiet is a weird little display typeface designed to convey the free-floating anxiety of the mid-20th century. It is based on a single nongeometric form: the temple piece of a pair of horn-rimmed glasses—the kind worn by sweaty little men in offices who always seem to run the world in Atomic Age thrillers.The form is hexagonal, to give each letter a sense of being locked in—trapped. The double stroke gives it a nasty little bit of queasiness. And the negative spaces within the letters form mini-glyphs of their own —perfectly geometrical inside the fractured outer strokes.


Ampir (pronounced like the French Empire era) is a work-in-progress suggested by the modular type forms of Yakov Chernikov. It’s a strangely casual Modern typeface, suggestive of gilt sign-maker letterforms. Roman and Cyrillic character sets.


Haggis was intended to be a pseudo-sans-serif version of a traditional Insular Uncial. A bastard child of pub signage and rubber duckies, Haggis is not without its charms, and it certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Chelsea Morning

Originally inspired by the painted lettering of Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secession movement, Chelsea Morning evokes another time and place—somewhere splashed with sunlight, living between Art Nouveau and Art Déco. That might be a grand night during the belle époque, or it might be Sunday brunch!

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