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Graphic Design & Artists’ Books

Nuclear War and You

I’ve always loved the pedantic, patronizing tone of midcentury publications and broadcasts, especially when they’re targeting “the homemaker.” When I came across a collection of government-produced nuclear-preparedness pamphlets from the early ‘60s, I knew I had to skewer them.

Nuclear War and You won the first award ever given to an Artist’s Book at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and it resides in the library collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Botanica Nova

Like many, I go through life and the thought occasionally hits me: “If only there were some magical remedy for this mortifying life experience or that little indignity.”

Botanica Nova: A Field Guide to Herbal Remedies for a Cruel, Cruel World is full of just that. From Common Downapeg (Arroganza deflato), of which just a pinch will unswell the grossest ego, to Cilician Terrogon (Omniphobia nyx) a pesticide for closet monsters.

Botanica Nova is in the library collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Aunt Pearl Goes to Hell

I’ve always been fascinated by the little bits of ephemera that stay with you after a journey: ticket stubs, postcards, air sickness bags, matchboxes, brochures, bits of wrapper from unfamiliar candies…

Aunt Pearl Goes to Hell is a collection of travel ephemera from a most unlikely journey, indeed.

A Little Perspective

 A Little Perspective is a series of three books of progressively diminutive scale presented in a box with a clock closure.

Book One, Lifespan, represents the time that life as we know it has existed on Earth: roughly 4 billion years. Each spread details an evolutionary highlight of its 66-million-year period. Book Two, Ages of Man, represents the time that modern man has existed: about 6 million years. Each spread represents 50,000 years of human history. Much of the front half of the book is blank, since all of what we consider progress has occurred on the very last page. Book Three, Time of My Life, physically represents my first 30 years. Each spread details what happened in that 6 months of my life.

Taken in perspective, our lives are a nanosecond in the relative timeline. The point is that a little less worry and a little more humility would probably become us all.

Retail Publications and Websites

Created for various clients, each retail publication presents a puzzle to be solved: how to balance aesthetic harmony with variety and exuberance? How to convey hierarchy when clients insist that every element be important?

Publication design is a typographer’s bread and butter. That doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty.